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That Ugly Brown Recliner! (Marriage Counseling is an Up Charge…)


Ever had this WONDERFUL plan for a room makeover, only to be tripped up by a well-loved, well used, and well – hideous – piece of furniture that “someone” refuses to part with?  Many times through a design project, I hear, “Please help me get rid of this ugly thing my husband has had since before we met.”  Or.  “She loves this pink elephant, and I think it needs to go”.

I respond with a smile that marriage counseling is an up charge!

Designing for everyone who uses a room can sometimes be a bit challenging.  Especially if it’s a high use room like the family room or den.  Quite often tired looking items do need to be removed, or at least moved to an area that isn’t as visible to guests….thus the ugly brown recliner.  (Yes I have one too, but am planning on a soon to be donation.  Being out numbered 3 to 1, boy vs girl, in my house, of course they think the recliner needs to stay.  It was purchased at a weak moment.  Thank heavens for newer styles and fabrics to help us turn the corner on this long-standing argument – I mean discussion.)

A key thing to remember when planning to change up a room is that each individual has a different standard for how a room should look.  Generally, when “designing for the sexes”, comfort – both physical and visual should be considered.

  • Men generally like straight lines, good textures, functionality, and forgiving fabrics.  Is it really the color or fabric that makes it seem worth keeping”?  Or, might it be that repeated use has made it comfortable – and the stains have already happened?  Keep in mind the feel and stain resistance when picking a replacement.
  • Women tend to focus on color, texture, and visual appeal. Maybe the item is a reminder of a special time that could be honored some other way – say a photo collage, or memory book.
  • As always, clutter is a matter of opinion.  So including ways to address different ideas of clutter is crucial to the success of the design.  Designing the room for its function as well as its appearance will insure a happier crew all around.

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