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A big thank you to Sue at ChangeIt!  When I was selling my house, my real estate  agent had Sue stage and redecorate the home — and I’m so happy he did! She did  a fantastic job, which included selecting flooring, choosing paint colors,  staging rooms and additional decorating. She oversaw much of the work and helped  me every step of the way. She was incredibly professional, she was a very good  listener and she got the job done. In fact, she was so great, I’m having her  redecorate my new home! I highly recommend Sue at ChangeIt!

Anne Hucker

Thanks to Sue Shores’, Changeit Redesign & Staging, help, our house sold after only a week on the market for more than our asking price. The whole process was seamless. Sue took care of all our staging needs, was easy to work with, and did a fabulous job. Her services were definitely well worth our money!

Jennifer Slattery

When my realtor suggested staging the house to help us sell it quickly I was skeptical, to say the least. However we had worked with this realtor before and trusted her to give us good advise. She recommended Sue at ChangeIt. We called her and we were not disappointed. I was really amazed at what a difference it made to our house. It truly looked liked it was out of a magazine. I have to say that working with Sue at Changeit was easy and a pleasure……. and the end result was great – we sold the house in 16 days at full price.

Bill Buescher

Sue Shores,

I just want to thank Changeit Redesign & Home Staging for your sound advice in staging our home. You were a pleasure to work with and as we followed your advice, we saw the house take on a new, more appealing look. The results speak for themselves. Our house sold in three days and well over the asking price! Thank you for a job well done and helping us sell our home FAST!

Marilyn Inman

Hi Sue,

The staging is amazing! We just love the color combination throughout and the trendiness of the furniture and artwork. Jeff and I were so anxious to see your work that we drove to Liberty last night to check it out. We continued the color scheme of the bedroom into the master bath with teal and black towels and also added a multi-color teal/black rug. The realtors are also impressed and took pictures yesterday afternoon to post on the website and create new flyers. The house is very attractive and appealing now. We appreciate the advice and expertise that you’ve given us – it’s truly made a difference and we’re optimistic that the property will sell quickly. Thanks so much!


Dear Sue,

Here is another “Thank You” for another job well done on the home at 201 Richfield Court in Liberty. What a transformation! And the great part is that you were able to use the furniture, pictures and decorative pieces they already had so there was no extra expense to the sellers.

Each time I have you stage a home, I am amazed at how you can rearrange furniture, change where a plant should go, move a picture, or just remove some clutter to transform an ordinary room to an extraordinary room. The best part is the way you are so calm and positive, engaging the seller’s input and confidence in the process. Your way of explaining why something needs to be changed seems to ease any objection they have of moving or removing some of their “prize possessions.” Remember all the “stuff” and memorabilia at the home on Circle Drive and his pain in changing things after his wife’s death? Even though he drug his feet at first, after he saw the difference it made, he was so thrilled with the outcome. Best yet, his home sold the very next week even though it had been shown 20+ times before the staging. In fact, we had two people wanting it at the same time! That is just one example of numerous staging success stories.

I feel the staging fee I pay you for staging a home is the best gift I can give to sellers when they list their home with me. I will continue to place that one hour staging certificate for your service in each of my presentations.

The Tucker “Home” Team
Realty Executives of Liberty, Platte Woods MO


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help with Kendall and Joy Simpson’s house. I have to be honest in telling you that when I first visited their home, I wondered whether I even wanted to take this listing. They had way too much furniture jammed into that little house, outdated fixtures, multi-colored paint on the walls and so many things that needed to be updated, repaired, or replaced. After speaking with them though, I realized they were 100% committed to doing whatever it took to get that house in shape. I told them my personal stager would be working with them and explained to them why staging a home is so important.

They obviously took you very seriously and did everything you asked them to do. When I went over to see the house again, I absolutely could not believe my eyes! You completely and totally transformed that house and I know without a doubt the Simpsons got more money than they expected to get when it sold. Looking back on this, if I hadn’t brought you in, we probably would have had to discount this home by $10,000 to $15,000 to get it sold.

Just so you’ll know, the home took exactly 3 weeks to sell. I know the Simpsons have already told you how much they’ve appreciated working with you, but I wanted you to know that my family thanks you, too.

Ron Henderson
Keller Williams Realty, Kansas City MO


We received a strong offer on the house, and after very simple negotiations, we’ve reached a deal… this house is SOLD, pending only the usual inspections.

First and foremost, I want to thank you. I strongly believe that your advice and your staging efforts contributed greatly to getting a very good offer–quickly–despite tough conditions in the real estate market. How quickly? This offer came on the second showing, just six days after the realtor finished her efforts to put the house back into MLS. When you consider that this follows a six and one-half month period of not receiving a single offer on this property, you get a picture of just how impressive these results have been.

You may feel free to use my words of praise in promoting your business, or provide my contact information directly to any potential customer asking for references.

Jim Meredith

“Just wanted to let you know. We received an offer on the Keuster house last Friday. I think your services really made a difference.”

Heather Sanders, Agent
Reece & Nichols

[An excerpt from a client note to their real estate agent:] “I was going to contact you today and thank you for having Sue come to our home. I found her suggestions to be very helpful and I’m definitely working hard to get it done! Tom and I have been struggling for so long to come up with ideas for our kitchen-but in just a few minutes Sue had the problems solved and with minimal expense. Just angling the island and buying the type of light she suggested for above the sink has made a huge difference.”

Nice Work!

Dave Duncan
Reece & Nichols

“After working with Sue Shores at Changeit, I wanted to let others know of this terrific service! Sue Shores, of Changeit, suggested that we could totally give that room a new look by using furniture, decorations and accessories that I already had. I was skeptical, but interested. Sue was very conscientious about items that were meaningful to us, things that needed to remain, and features that I definitely wanted changed. Sue assured me she could make a difference. She did. That room I hated is now a warm, cozy place that my family really enjoys again. The changes she made also enhanced other rooms in our home as she rearranged things from one place to another. I now have a reading nook in our dining area that I use daily!”

Janet Z. Lange
KCMO Homeowner

“Sue is down to earth, flexible, and easy to work with.”

Leslie B.
KCMO, Homeowner


Thank you for all your help staging our home. You really helped us prioritize our to-do list for preparing to show our house, and the rearranging you did beautifully capitalized on the assets of the space we have. After looking at other houses to buy, we felt our house was in top-notch shape for showings and we were surprised at how badly some of them needed your services. The best news is that we have a contract on our house for full price–in only 12 days!

Thanks again! You are gifted at what you do.
Christi Mayfield

“Just a few lines to let you know how pleased I am with the wonderful services that you provided. I believe the property in North Hampton was certainly a challenge. It was vacant and needed help, as a single person had lived there previously. After we viewed the property, we discussed the options and plan of action. You were able to quickly step in and enhance the property with the needed physical elements, creating an improved ambience with your professional touch. That property sold 2 weeks later. That’s great news for my client.”

Jack Laney
ReMax Revolution

Dear Sue,

I’m not sure if you remember me but you came to our home in KC Mo in March. Our Realtor paid for you to come to give us some advice on staging our home.
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the advice you gave us and let you know our home sold in 5 days and I attribute some of that to your advice. You gave me some great advice which I followed. We also made the decision to update our kitchen with granite and a stainless sink. You suggested we put in a flat top stove if we were going to replace the one we had, which I did.

Thanks again for the good advice and I would be happy to recommend you to others in the future.

Kathy Schuerman