That Ugly Brown Recliner! (Marriage Counseling is an Up Charge…)

Ever had this WONDERFUL plan for a room makeover, only to be tripped up by a well-loved, well used, and well – hideous – piece of furniture that “someone” refuses to part with?  Many times through a design project, I hear, “Please help me get rid of this ugly thing my husband has had since before …

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Pink Pottery

My clients are so excited for our first visit that they are usually bouncing off the walls. So many thoughts, questions, ideas, and even a few “aha!” moments. The most fantastic initial consultation started with Mary who had just moved to KC, and didn’t have her bearings for any shopping (let alone the fun shopping I score …

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Stylish Storage

No matter how delightful a room design may be, keeping it that way once life enters can be a bit challenging.  Short of hanging barriers and declaring it off- limits, adding storage in or near the room for the normal extras daily living bring can enhance the design.  Managing the clutter makes the room even more …

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