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Thinking of Hiring a Designer? Ask Sue, Pt II

Sue Shores 150-151Welcome again to all the newbies to our blog!  Thinking about hiring a designer?  This interview took place over a 3 week span, amongst long days and crazy schedules.  Below is the second half.  Hope you feel the energy and enjoy the ride…

Question:   What are some of the things they might want to do before they contact you?

Sue:     I actually address that at length in my blog “Pink Pottery”.

Question:   After time it’s easy to lose some of the joy, the fun you felt in a home when you first got it.  The family gets larger, things age, great ideas don’t seem so great.  Would you suggest contacting a designer first rather than go straight to a contractor or architect? (Or maybe a realtor?)

Sue:     Yes, contact the designer first, to help you get an overall view of the project.  If it is a remodel, the architect is to be the first contact. I currently work for many real estate agents in the area, and I am invited into the home to help prepare it for the market.

Question:   I’m sure there are stages and questions, levels of consulting you do.  From a simple “choose a cohesive color theme throughout the house” or “which couch” to ….  What would be the other extreme?  Even if they bring in a contractor or architect, should they engage you as well – and would you work thru that process with them?

Sue:     My scope of work is from a furniture redesign with existing pieces or color, through tile design, lighting, flooring for new builds.  I also decorate many model homes in the area.  The parade of homes is always a crazy time for my team.

Question:   Where would you like to be – short, medium, long-range goals?  Do you have a “Designer” bucket list of things you’d like to do; a list of places you might want to work? (A villa in the south of France; a castle in Scotland for instance?)

Sue:     Our youngest child leaves for college in August. My schedule will change drastically as I have always worked hard to be home in the evening, and be available to my family.  I am developing a fun virtual design concept that includes a one of a kind shopping experience.  I look forward to expanding my design services.  I hope to travel a bit, and bring my travel “Treasures” to my clients!

Hope these discussions have helped, and I’d love to talk with you about any project you have in mind. Give me a call! 816.584.1393

And don’t forget, my clients always say “I never would have thought of that!”   

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