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Fall Decor Without Country, Vintage, or Pumpkin Overkill

Happy, well, summer-kind-of-seems-over,week!  Yep, Labor Day Weekend, with all of its fun starts that gradual shift to fall.  We had a great time with family and friends over the weekend.  The youngest just headed back to college as I am writing this email.  Sniff, sniff.  Don’t get me wrong, life is great, but I do miss my kiddos.

One thing that I want to do this fall is decorate with one of my favorite colors, orange.  Not burnt orange, not reddish orange, but orange, like in an orange.  Might add a bit of sunshine yellow as well. You might think this sounds like summer orange.  It does, kind of, sort of, yes.

I still like the brightness of summer colors, and thought they could be added with the warmth of fall colors. Let’s do decor without doing country, vintage, or overkill on pumpkins.  OK, I might be a bit edgy.

Gotta chat about the first pic (above) with the logs.  I love the this pic of the logs.  Colors that have a touch of fall, yet still the brightness of summer….. white, grey, taupe, and cream.  What a nice crisp look for the mantle.  Great alternative to vintage chippy pieces, lanterns with leaves, and/or a pumpkin.  Fresh and bright, almost summer bright.  They could also be a center piece, or on flower pot on the front porch.

Paper pumpkin crafty

2nd pic: yes almost a crafty look with the crisp paper pumpkins.  Love this as an alternative.  Moving away from the traditional fall look can be fun, and better yet still add the warmth.

One thing both of these ideas have in common is that they work great with the crisp urban look ever so popular at IO Metro.  One of my favorite spaces, places, and sources of groove.