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Use Lazy Days of Summer to Redecorate Inside

The lazy days of summer are upon us, and sometimes it is just fun to rework some things inside during the heat of the day.  After surviving the race track last week, first a day of rain, then two days of heat, I found myself enjoying the sound of the air conditioner as I reworked my mantle…… 

Like the mantle shown below, I too collect things that I love.  I always advise, if you don’t love it, then give it away, sell it, or donate it….let someone else love it! Enjoy your summer weekend peeps, time does fly, except maybe when you are at a race track in the rain……  just saying.

Display-Worthy Decor

Creative mantel keepsakes color the living room with character. A coat of black paint refreshes metallic-frame mirrors while a homemade silhouette made with watercolors contributes familial flair. Bright accessories, such as floral pillows, are carried throughout the home.

mantle decor 1

Back In Black

Make colorful mementos pop with a rich, black backdrop. Simply cut foam-core board to size and spray-paint black before slipping into a bookshelf. I LOVE this idea…it isn’t permanent.  And as my company name says, Changeit…..and love it!  Tired of white?  Add the black foam coreboard painted black.  Tired of black?  Rip that baby out of there!   Note also that the color continues in the lighting with a black lampshade made from rivet-punched metal funnels.

mantle decor shelf 2

Sitting Pretty

Scrubbed with Danish oil and recovered with black-and-white striped outdoor fabric, this beautiful wood dining set was purchased secondhand for just $100. Large-scale art, created with bright acrylic paint on butcher paper, makes the space feel modern without having to spend a fortune.

mantle deocr dining 3