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Simplicity and Texture for Beautiful Spring Florals

I don’t know about you but I get so excited to watch as my perennials  inch through my mulch, and the buds start popping on trees and bushes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do not have a green thumb, I try.  Every spring I have a heart full of hope, and a calendar full of appointments.  Yep, design appointments take priority.

I do have fun as I push my cart through the local mom and pop outdoor flower shop.  Everyone seems to know what they are doing.  I spend all my time reading the little tags to see if it says hardy plant, needs little water.  Yep that one is for me!  My grandmother, Lepha, had such beautiful flowering plants. Maybe this will be the year!  Actually I do great till about July, then all it takes is a dry week, I forget to water, and they start to look really tired, well dead.  The geraniums on my front porch always survive, probably because I drive by them every day as I leave for work!  There is hope!

I found these beautiful arrangements on House Beautiful, that show the popular arrangements this year.  I love the movement, simplicity, and color of all four arrangements.  What do you think?  Seems like texture is the common theme in all four of these arrangements.  Now a couple of the arrangements could come from your flower garden.  My friend Cindy, a farmer’s daughter, could put all four together from her backyard, me not so much.  I would need to call Kelly from Flower Power, my favorite florist to pull a couple together.

Seasonal floral trends

The baby’s breath foliage is yesterday, and different depths and textures of green take the stage.  I think I could do the mason jar look, but as many of you know, my eye is drawn to the arrangement that screams orange!

Mason jar floral arrangements

Wheatgrass in a mason jar, never would have thought of that!  Fun, simple, and just a relaxed feel.

Spring floral trends

I always try to think about what colors I want to bring into my outdoor living spaces.  Yes orange is always a staple, but why not pair it up with hot pink and red?

As the local farmer’s markets start bringing in the results of their green thumb, grab a cart, think out of the box, read the little tags on the plants, and have fun!  Remember by July you can have a really cute dried arrangement if you are like me.  Happy Shopping Peeps!