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Pink Pottery

My clients are so excited for our first visit that they are usually bouncing off the walls. So many thoughts, questions, ideas, and even a few “aha!” moments. The most fantastic initial consultation started with Mary who had just moved to KC, and didn’t have her bearings for any shopping (let alone the fun shopping I score on regularly).  Through tears, a few laughs, and paging through her magazine pictures, we were able to develop a plan, budget, and color palette – she was even able to use some of her favorite  pink pottery!  We just threw in some raspberry and tangerine orange, and “aha!”  She fell in love…The first thing I do with a client is listen.  I see what they have, what they like, what they don’t.  I learn about their interests, hobbies, their families.  What is it they hope to have when we are done, how much time they have before they need to be finished. Hopefully not by Friday for the in-laws arrival!!  What does “finished” mean?

There are many things involved in creating the home of your dreams:

  •  Choices!!!  Sometimes, it’s being uncertain about exactly what you do want, or how all you do want can work together, or fit in the space you have.  That’s the beauty of a Designer!  So go ahead and bring all the magazines out, or make a board on Pinterest, or google away. I will narrow down your design style, what will work and some new ideas!
  • Of course having a budget, or at least a rough estimate, is a great starting point.  Even if you can’t do everything at once, a plan can come together that builds your dream in stages.
  • With a plan and a shopping list, color swatches and patience, a wonderful transformation can happen.  If it’s a high use area, what are the immediate needs, and small changes can be made during the transition.
  • Start with the “bones” – the walls, ceiling, floors.   Does what’s in place now stay, or do those things need changing?  Would simple colors changes light up your life, or soothe you?  If the current carpet it good, might an area rug add highlights and define areas?  Have hardwood or tile – is noise and dust a problem?  How long will this design be in place?  How are the windows dressed?
  • Furniture – What has to stay, what can be relocated (to another room, from another room, or maybe to another town), what might be transformed, what inspires you now?  Is the style of furniture you have in place good pieces that can remain, a cohesive collection, or more eclectic?  Is there furniture?  My client Anne is so excited for her new sofa, mainly because the floor is getting hard!

Once the foundation is in place, those special treasures will have their rightful place of respect.

What is your favorite “pink pottery”?  Pull it out, give me a call and let’s get rolling!

And don’t forget, my clients always say “I never would have thought of that!”

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