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Happy New Year, Happy Organizing, Happy Throw It on the Donation Pile…..

Happy New Year, Happy Organizing, Happy throw it on the donation pile…..(did I really say that?)

Ok, if my kiddos were still in high school, they would be in school today…..alas they are in college, and one is still home, but I might add is very ready to return to college this weekend.  Next week at this time our home will be quiet, too quiet!

Sues boxesI always laugh at myself every January. Organization being the #2 thing on my mind, as #1 is of course exercise …. Yes I have purchased cute little boxes, most are too small to use for anything and I end up  cramming all kinds of stuff in them when in a pinch.

As most of you know I lease decor and furniture to clients that need a little help staging their property.  All the decor is stored in my office.  That is why I laugh at the organization goals – the best time for me to organize is when all my decor is in client’s homes helping it sell quicker!

I recently read a short article over on Better Homes and Gardens that I found helpful and thought I’d share. It has some tips for the “normal person” and for various areas of your home.  I love the wrong container bit; you mean it isn’t normal to find paper clips at the bottom of a 14×14 box?  Hummm….  Enjoy and see you next week!

Overstuffing Shelves

There’s no storage rule that says every square inch of a shelf must be crammed full of stuff. In fact, that’s a quick way to lose track of items and to create unwanted visual clutter. Instead, try alternating vertical and horizontal fun stuff. If one section of a shelf has several books or containers, give the other side some visual breathing space with a photo or other collectible.

Organizing your shelves

Using the Wrong Container (This is my fav. – Sue)

Baskets, caddies, boxes, and canisters are all versatile storage containers, but it’s important to use them for the right job to get the most out of your storage. Watch and see how to pick the right container for your storage needs.

Relying on One Type or Size of Storage

Not everything you own is the same size, and not every type of storage you need should be either. A mix of sizes and types can help you quickly solve storage dilemmas and find more visually pleasing solutions for odd-shape items.