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Gorgeous Easter Eggs…and No Vinegar!

This is traditionally the week when most folks dye & decorate eggs for Easter. Ahhh….I remember well the smell of vinegar and the multiple colors of fingers as the PAAS food coloring soaked in. But decorating Easter eggs can be so much more creative than just using the store-bought dye kits! Here are some really cute and fun ideas that I saw on Better Homes & Gardens website this week and had to share. Please share your ideas in the comments below, or even post pictures on our Facebook page.

changeit easter eggs tissue paper
Tissue Paper Polka-Dot Eggs

Create simple, no-mess Easter eggs with inexpensive tissue paper. Use a hole punch to make paper dots, then use a glue stick to adhere them to hard-boiled eggs. To make the polka dots easy to pick up, wet your fingertip with a damp cloth before pressing them onto your Easter eggs.

changeit easter eggs no dye
Paper Blossom Easter Eggs

These easy-to-craft blooms look perfectly pretty on plain Easter eggs. To make the flowers, cut origami paper into a range of different-size squares. Fold the squares and freehand-cut flower patterns of your choice. Using a small paintbrush, apply white glue to the backs of the flowers and adhere to eggs, pressing out excess glue or air bubbles. Cut thin strips of paper to make stems and leaves.

changeit easter eggs stickers
Potted Plants Easter Eggs

Let kids create a fun (and mess-free) indoor garden with colorful floral scrapbook stickers and basic hard-boiled eggs. Make every Easter egg a star by propping each in its own mini terra-cotta pot. Dress up the planters by hot-gluing ribbon around the top edge.