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Easy and Fun Easter Decorations

Yep, Easter is just around the corner.  Although I am creative… crafty I am not.  I found this great info from BHG and wanted to share the ideas and photos for you “crafties” out there! Please feel free to post your creative Easter crafts in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Easter Picture Display

Use adorable Easter bunny stickers to amp up your everyday family photos for a cute and creative decoration. Simply stick bunny ears and mouths on the glass front of your favorite pics. For a little extra Easter fun, tell the kids that the Easter Bunny did it!

Editor’s Tip: If stickers don’t come in the right sizes, use construction paper and tape to make your family all-ears.

Easter Chick Display

Set out our creative egg and chick project for a fun Easter decoration. To make, start by gluing together two yellow pom-poms for the chick. Add a face using felt and fabric paint. Insert the chick into a prestretched balloon; blow up to desired size. Knot the balloon and spray with cooking spray. Coat string with white glue; wrap colored string around balloon, adding crisscrossing strands as you go (make sure gaps are no larger than the chick). Let string dry; pop balloon and remove it.

DIY Easter decorations

Paper Egg Centerpiece

Make yourself a too-cute Easter centerpiece for just pennies that kids and adults will adore. Simply cut out Easter egg shapes from construction paper, and decorate using ribbon, markers, and stickers. Hang the eggs from a collection of pussy willow branches held in an adorable vase!

Easter Egg Garland

Easter Egg Garland

Our Easter-worthy decoration is a remarkably simple way to amp your home up for the holiday — even the kids can get involved in making the craft! Simply cut egg shapes out of paper, decorate with paint (let dry standing up for a cool, dripping look), and attach along a string to hang.