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Dress Up that Drab Wall with Personal Touches

Many times when staging a home, sellers are needing wall decor, inexpensive, color coordinated, and interesting.  Using notes, letters, and even kiddos art works well for a quick, slap it up for the real estate photos type of kick!

Framed Kids Art as Wall Decor

Nik, our youngest, loves, to draw.  Actually he hasn’t drawn in a while, but I know his love for it is inside and will rise again!!!  Anyway, I have many of his pieces of art framed in my living room, and master bedroom.  He always had a small spiral notebook and pencil in hand, writing notes, and leaving them for me to enjoy.


On a ski trip, I came down with strep, and spent the day in bed while everyone skied.  I woke up to this adorable pic and get well message.  After about 15 years of keeping these cuties in my daily prayer book, I finally made copies and had the well worn, half torn originals matted and framed.  Note, the preschool spelling!!  Man do I love this kiddo……  take a few minutes to enjoy some of the half torn originals in your life, frame these babies (not real babies) and hang then to enjoy…..

Framed Child's Art

Another idea here:   Creating a romantic room, cozy reading corner?  Add an even more personal touch with signatures, love notes, and sentimental cuteness!

Personal letters as wall art

Sweet Sentiments

Tiny pieces of lettering in wall art and textiles sweeten this bedroom with sentimental style. To re-create this look, use color copies of treasured notes, letters, and photos to make heart-warming collages, then frame.

Have a great summer-kind of week, and we’ll catch up soon!