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Coloring Inside the Lines….

Model HomeIt seems that most of my 911 calls for design all stem from a wrong wall color decision….”I really thought it was beige, but it looks pink Sue, what do you think?”

After touring the newly painted living room, dining room, and of course the 2-story entry and hallway, I concur that there is a little pink in this paint color.  Yep a little pink goes a long way…..down the hall into the dining room, and all over the living room….Yikes!!

Color is such an important part of making a home comfortable.  But it can be a bit scary to make color choices.  Here are some things to think about along the way.

Colors evoke reactions in our bodies and affect us physically and mentally.  Stronger or more intense colors evoke stronger or more intense emotions.  When you understand how colors shape your feelings, you can choose the ones that welcome you every time you enter your home.

If you find yourself in love with a vibrant color, start small and build.  Although we may love that color for our clothes or our car – can we live with it long-term in a room or several rooms in our home?  A bright color may not suit in a master bedroom or office – but be exceptional in a family room or kitchen.

Remember that a color is part of a palette.  The color of a flower, a tree in autumn, or the crashing ocean waves – are blends of colors offset by backgrounds of other colors.  Is it really that one color you love – or the combination together?  The frame around a picture is sometimes more important than the art it surrounds.  Its purpose it to enhance and draw attention to the image, not distract or compete.

Maybe the inspiration is already in your home.  If you have a large piece of furniture or a treasured accessory, let it awaken your color creativity.  The background color of a piece of art can become your wall color; a favorite antique can inspire the color for pillows; a lampshade can become the molding hue.

While paint is the most common way to add color, don’t forget that incorporating pillows, fabrics, area rugs, and other accessories is a great way to add splashes of color – and unique personality.  (And leaves you a way to change up now and then as the mood hits, without having to repaint!)

Use color to create a flow from room to room.  In most homes, you can stand in one room and see other rooms, so there needs to be a smooth continuity.  Not all rooms should be painted the same color, but the colors need to work together.  Carry elements of one room into another, and let the continuity of your trim color speak volumes.

Florescent lighting can ruin a paint color quicker than ants flock to a picnic….always take the paint swatches home, and choose the color in the lighting of their new home!

The 5th wall.  A white ceiling may be the best choice, but don’t just leave it white by default.  Specific rooms scream for YES when the ceiling is deliberately painted to coordinate and harmonize with the décor.

OK!  Give it a shot, but remember, a little pink goes a long way, and my services are by far more fun than 5 gallons of beige with just a hint of pink……

And don’t forget, my clients always say “I never would have thought of that!”   

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