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Bathrooms and Master Bedrooms

A hearty welcome to our newbies to the blog!

Master Bedroom - Parade of homes This week and next, I’ll be talking about bathrooms and master bedrooms.  Every room in our homes cares for us in a different way, but these two rooms play a huge role in our comfort, our health, and our sense of well-being.

Our bathrooms – to a great extent – create the link between our private lives and our public ones, and a truly beautiful yet extremely functional one is a great asset to preparing to face the day.  Our bedrooms  provide a personal space where we are most ourselves – free from social pressures.  In a home blessed with a busy family, the comfort of a welcoming master bedroom is priceless.

Bathrooms.  Whether you are talking about the funny little ¾ room off the front entry or the palatial room of your dreams with sauna, Jacuzzi tub and heated tile floors – they all have several things in common.   Beyond the basic fixtures that define the room – moisture management, adequate storage, privacy, and comfort – are key design factors.

Having a basic neutral canvas that allows for easy and quite dramatic changes using touches of color, eclectic storage, and “counter dressing”.

A high traffic restroom makes better sense when designed this way, because the simple wear and tear on items lends itself well to periodic changes.  If you enjoy changing things up a bit more often, there’s an added bonus of redressing the room with a much lower budget demand.

A lower use room – such as a guest bathroom or one near a main entry might benefit from a more dramatic statement using color and stylized fixtures.  Maybe a unique pattern on a few tile pieces scattered throughout.  Thematic paper, bold color palettes, higher use of waterproof surfaces.  Conversely, maybe less of them.  Carpeting, draperies for a wall, baroque decorative items.  Changing one wall can have a dramatic effect.  Use color, or change up the artwork.  How about a framed window with natures scenes, or your favorite vacation spot, lit from inside?  Maybe you could finally use that set of antlers your eccentric uncle gave you to hang robes or towels? (Or maybe not.)

How about a completely white on white room, or grey and silver/chrome?  The larger the bathroom is, the more important the choice of color for the basic fixtures – both for flexibility to refresh the design for yourself, and for resale value.

Choose items that hold up well to dampness, add storage for routine items, fragrance in a variety of forms – candles, potpourri, items treated with scented oils in the bottom of a basket that holds washcloths or Kleenex, soaps or bath products, lotions or oils.

When you enter the room, you deserve to enjoy the visit!

And don’t forget, my clients always say “I never would have thought of that!”   

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