From Room Redesigns to Home Staging, Changeit Redesigns & Staging will create a home you will love to come home to. Focusing on your lifestyle, changing needs, and priorities, we define and add depth and dazzle to your room or home.

The Changeit Signature Furniture Leasing Line was created to assist sellers in leasing options that work. For them. For you.

Staging is not just “packing everything but the kitchen sink” Staging is designing to sell, and that is what we do. We all know what was selling last year is different this year.

Our ten tenacious tips were created to keep your listing show home ready! Continuing education, inspiration, and hard work elevate us to serve with you in mind.

Currently serving the Kansas City Metro area.



Room Design

-Space planning
-Downsizing or household merging
-Move-in Redesign

Home Staging

-Highlight the features of your home
-In-depth consultation

Furniture Leasing

-Personalized leasing
-Furniture & accessory placement
-Multiple options

Furniture Placement

-Finding the right combination of function and flow of your rooms

As a designer, helping clients create homes they love, I have been searching for additional products and services to provide.  Something that is “ahhh”.  Just that something something.  I am thrilled to say, “FOUND IT”  Please let me introduce to you the India Hicks Collection.  Not only is Prince Charles her God Father, but she lives on an island.  Yep, I know.  This new company is for women to live extraordinary lives.  Pretty incredible, indeed.  Please visit my India Hicks website. For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of adventure, I invite you to check us out, I think you will love what you find.

– Sue Shores


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